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United Against Covid-19 Song/Project 2021

The objective of the project is to bring awareness about the impact of Covid-19 to the underprivileged communities back home in South Africa and raise funds to up-skill the local community of the basic infection control measures that they need to take to protect themselves and their families from Covid-19. We aim to provide them with tools and basic personal protection equipment such as food, facial mask, and sanitiser, including basic handwashing training tools.

The funds raised through this project will go to a local charitable organisation in South Africa, that is responsible for distribution of charitable donations on the ground in South Africa

South African Cultural Talent UK

United Against Covid-19 Song is recorded by a few of the prominent African artists based in the UK, this is made up of South African, Zimbabwean, Ugandan and Nigerian expatriates. Click Here to download the full song.

Artists (Vocalists):

Asanda Jezile

Linric Toto

Prudence Jezile

Maneli Hawley

Derrick Paul Kiteke

Chijindu Fred Nweke

Bella Seka


Shaun Barrett

Engineer & Mixing:

Daniel Konteh (Level One Records)


Assistant Producer:

Bongani Madaka


Extended Lyrics Composed & Produced:

Luyanda Lennox Jezile 


Arranger & Producer:

Lawrence Matshiza


Partnership (Country Head for Brand South Africa UK):

Pumela Salela


The South African Cultural Talent UK will be partnering with a none for profit organisation based in South Africa who have specialised knowledge and intelligence with the local communities in need, in and around South Africa

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United Against Covid-19 Final Song Sleev