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a young woman from a small town, burning with talent and ambition, prepares to fight hard for her place in the spotlight on the biggest stage in Africa.  A feel-good, inspirational musical movie about dreaming big!

'She is King' is as much a celebration of the Zulu culture, as it is about taking a firm stance about sisterhood and female power. Spearheaded by Idols SA alum Gugu Zulu, the star-studded musical is the perfect holiday flick and it makes it very hard not to get swept-up.

You don't get groundbreaking cinema from She if King, but it still leaves you feeling refreshed to the very end. The winning recipe for director Gersh Kgamedi is that he prioritised simplicity and clarity – over melodrama.

But don't let my previous statement fool you into thinking that the film lacks some punch. It has enough shine and glamour to appeal to a broad audience. 


Although clichéd in most parts; the screenplay doesn't leave you whiplashed, but rather you experience a case of "so bad, it's good".

Superbly cast Zulu portrays warrior princess Khanyisile, who from the get-go proves that she's a triple-threat – singer, dancer and actor.

She comes to the City of Gold to audition for a stage musical based of the life of Zulu Queen Mkabayi kaJama. What Khanyisile lacks in experience, she makes up for it with her fire and passion.

Over the course of eight weeks, she takes us on a resilient rollercoaster ride of hope, ushering the audience on her journey to the top.

While her audition is flawless, rehearsals are not smooth-sailing as egos begin to clash and add into the mix a tragic love story.

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She Is King the Movie

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