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Updated: Jan 6

Myha’la Herrold age 24 is TV’s next big thing. A New Yorker born in California, the versatile actor was just 21 when she took part in the Broadway National Tour of The Book of Mormon.

Herrold is currently playing a fast-talking, big-scheming graduate as part of Lena Dunham’s HBO/BBC hit series Industry. A London-set banking industry drama shot in Wales, Industry sees Herrold among an ensemble of backstabbing, sexed-up twentysomethings competing for job openings in a high profile, high stakes world of finance, centered on the new class of intakes at London’s prestigious investment bank, Pierpoint & Co. So, like Girls, but diverse, more jargon-y, and in swanky offices instead of coffee shops. (see BBC Trailer Below)

“What’s exciting about someone like me in the entertainment industry right now is that other young queer women of colour will see someone who looks like them,” Herrold says. “It will let them know that they’re not alone, their story is valid, and people want to hear it.”

As Herrold’s other credits – including the Amazon series Modern Love – are so varied, she’ll be impossible to typecast, which means an exciting, unpredictable filmography awaits.

“Mainstream culture is finally catching on to the fact that the world is made up of individuals,” Herrold says. “Every single one of us is unique and special in some way. So what’s unique to me is me! (article courtesy of Dazed 100)


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