Work With Us

As you are enjoying our Channel with inspiring stories you can also work with us as we essentially reach out to South African expatriates and attracting the world to learn about opportunities that exist in South Africa by sponsoring our programmes. This help us position the country's image as a conducive destination for investment, tourism and raising families.


Let Us Produce For You

Afrotake Channel is not a real time news platforms that concerns itself with sound bites to sell, but our growing online platform is populating inspiring stories that reach the audience on an emotional level, whilst our clients benefit from a content that achieves objectives in raising brand awareness and also driving action. 


So let us know if we can produce/distribute you storyin a video content to market your brand or campaign on our global platform.


Advertise with Us

Our channel is enjoyed by more than 240K audience base with weekly unique outputs, advertising with us will give your brand that maximum exposure not only through our Online Channel, but also through our various sources of digital platforms. 


We also generate content for social media with online optimisation for online and off-line platforms. Your campaign can be in a video, audio, digital or printed banner/poster... "WE GOT IT"



Our sponsorship plans combine elements of branded programmes, public relations, digital marketing and cause marketing with traditional commercial messaging.


Online Sponsorship

Digital banners

Content pages


On-Air Sponsorship (Channel)

Branded and entitled programming and interstitials

Product and corporate marketing commercials of varied lengths

Long-form paid programming.


Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate mentions and logo on print materials

Signage and Prints at events

Digital Signage Monitors at public locations


Invest in Us

With various programmes on our channel we produce traditional corporate videos for public, private and 3rd sector clients and our editors, back-office team and crew have credible experience between them.

So when you invest in Afrotake Media, you are investing in a contect or story that consolidates diverse messages and positioning of South Africa into one coherent message.