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Blitz Patrollie

A hilarious South African action comedy film from the agents behind the iconic sketch series "The Pure Monate Show"! Blitz Patrollie pays homage to movies such as Bad Boys, Rush Hour, Starsky & Hutch, 48 Hours and other iconic buddy cop movies, and stars some of the biggest names in South African comedy.


Director: Andrew Wessels Written by: Kagiso Lediga Cast: David Kau, Joey Rasdien, Chris Forrest, David Kibuuka, Kagiso Lediga, Tol A$$ Mo, Mel Miller, Sans Moonsamy, Kaseran Pillay. Look out for cameo appearances by Loyiso Gola and more.


Two bumbling but honest cops stumble into one of the biggest drug hauls in the history of South Africa. When the drugs are stolen before they’ve even made it to the evidence room, they become the ridicule of their station and their beloved city. To regain their honour and save their humble station from closure, they embark on a mission to retrieve the missing drugs and in the process, bring down some of the country’s biggest underworld kingpins.

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Blitz Patrollie

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